About Alice Nuno

Alice Nuno, owner of Foster's Hotel, Restaurant and Saloon

Alice Nuno, owner of Foster's Hotel, Restaurant and Saloon, was bom in Canjilon, New Mexico. She came from a family of nine that included her parents (also born in Canjilon) Tomas Garcia born on December 22, 1889 and Rafelita Serrano Garcia born on March 16, 1905. The rest of the family consisted of their children Eulalia, Jose Rossendo, David, Mike, Thomasito, Ernestine, Libradita and Helena.

The family moved to California in 1949 and lived there until 1976 when Alice returned to the state of New Mexico. She had 8 children: Johnny, Joey, Anna, George, Rosario, Rebecca, Josefina and Johnny. All of the boys have since passed away. She began the restaurant business in Chama at a place called The Busy Bee in 1977. She leased Foster's Hotel for three years and in 1979, through hard work, she purchased it.

Alice invested in major renovations on the interior of the building. She not only preserved it from deterioration but she also preserved its history. Once called the Harvey House, it was the hotel for all railroad passengers, and has great historical significance to the area.

Alice hopes you will visit very soon and thanks you for your continued patronage.